Dec 6, 2011


After a whole year of planning, fundraising and endless list making...
Our GRAD show turned out to be a huge suscess with over 500 people for the opening night!

The gallery space in Fitzroy made our show, with its beautiful garden outside filled with sculptures from peter the gallery owner, amazing natural light and that character you just cant get in your average white wall gallery.

The show was posted on the melbourne 3000 website and has featured on many blogs since its opening...The BA Textile Graduates of 2011 should all be very proud of there amazing creative skills, they have set the standard high for years that follow....x

Natalie Hackett,Alicia Gordon,Georgina Bishop      Nerida King

My knitted garment in the group section of the gallery

My wall display

TwentySeven of us

Bree Janes,Dani Pelly,Erin Reinboth,Marie Romano,Celina Jackson

Bree Janes

Marie Romano