Mar 29, 2011

Washed Up, Knitted neck pieces

Rewind back to first year of uni 2009,
when these knitted neck pieces where created.
washed up is the theme with inspiration
from all the washed up items that
line the beach after a big storm.
Made by hand on a knitting machine,
combined with found objects
from the shoreline.

Finished neck piece

Model- Clair Tracey
Photographer- Sharnee Thorpe
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Mar 24, 2011

Melbourne Fashion week

Fashion week in Melbourne, Runway 1
It was an amazing atmosphere,lots of
people watching and fashion..
cant wait till next time x

Melissa George was the face of melbourne fashion week

Carla Zampatti

Romance was born

Sass & bide

Mar 23, 2011


The opening to the graphica exhibition
was a big success,such a beautiful
array of designs on display,
i only managed to get a few photos

Group work by 2nd year textile design students

Me and my creation, Middle Eastern Warrior

Knitted jacket by Rachel McCarthy

Mar 3, 2011

Pattern and Design

A tale of pattern and design that i
discovered along my way through Europe.
From beautiful monuments and cathedrals to the
decorative patterns on buildings, pattern and
colour was alive everywhere you looked.

Lyon in france was known for its silk trade
this was taken in the silk museum

Street art in Lyon

Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris
had a beautiful fashion exhibition

A cafe in paris

Love bridge in Paris

The beautiful Eiffel Tower

By night from our window

Arch de triumph Paris

One of the most amazing gothic cathedrals
in Barcelona

A cute little pasta bar down a lane-way

La Boqueria Markets in Barcelona were full of fresh food

The park bench at park guell designed
by Antoni Gaudi

Beautiful mosaic tiles coved the whole park

The house gaudi lived in while designing park guell

Casa Batllo another Gaudi design

even the building next to Casa Batllo was amazing

Inspiration for gaudi designs

The apartment block that gaudi built,
the Attic's structure was inspired by the picture before

The rooftop

The chimneys on the roof where even a master piece

Pathment design in Montjuic park was made from
beer bottles

Pattern was everywhere in barcelona

Hyde park London