Oct 27, 2011

Wandering Fitzroy

 Now that the weather is warmer in melbourne, I love wandering the streets of Fitzroy...these are some of the pictures I have taken along the way...pattern - colour - texture i just cant escape it.

Oct 26, 2011

Laura Dougherty - Textile Designer

In the next few weeks i will be posting about my very creative and talented house mates.... 
The first to grace this space is Laura Dougherty

Laura is currently studying Textile Design at RMIT, she majors in weaving and is extremely good at what she does...here is her latest project  

Roaming Free 

"Interiors autumn/winter 2012 brings to life Roaming Free, a collection that celebrates easy elegance in your home. Inspired by floral motifs found on antique china. The woven range looks deep into floral structures to find geometric motifs of diamonds, squares and organic natural lines. An indigo and white colour palette recreates the freshness of blue and white china, accents of red compliment deep inky indigo tones and shades of grey add winter warmth."

Oct 23, 2011

Fitzroy Skate Shoot

 The final photo shoot for my skate collection came up amazing!
Have a look and enjoy my last master piece for uni...... 

Raw Urban Nature is where the natural nomadic environment clashes with the outside world. 
Bold black and white illustrations contrast against a palette of highlight colours, creating an 
artistic range of skate wear for women. Sketches of wild animals, along with ink painted 
artwork have been inspired by the bold illustrative style of street art.

The experimentation of hand work and digital design have developed into patterns reflecting 
wild nature and entangled tree branches capturing the artistic elements of the environment. 
Designs have been digitally printed onto lycra and silk to create an artistic range of 
skate wear, combined with a customized designed skateboard.

Model - Sophie Ericksen
Photographer - Sharnee Thorpe

Oct 19, 2011


Raw Urban nature is a skate wear collection for women, This has been an ongoing project that is my last ever project for my course.
It's very exciting to be coming to the end which is next week and then the preparation for the final exhibition will be in full swing!

So here is the final designs for the collection, I will post the final photo shoot very soon....

Oct 11, 2011


Everyone has their own creative space...mine is my desk!
Its filled with things that I've found and collected that inspire me.
My pile of design books sit close by for a boost of inspiration when I'm feeling flat,
my pin board is completely covered by all things amazing! local designers cards, free post cards, photos,
fabric samples and beautiful colourful things. I love writing letters to my friends living in London, i even have my own wax seal.

This is my hub into my creative mind where i day dream ... and try to be productive.

Oct 7, 2011


 Getting back to my drawing which is something i have missed while majoring in knitting.
So my final project focuses on hand drawn animals that are digitally printed onto tights for an artistic street wear range. Playing around with mixed media, china graph pencil and inks helped me get back to my artistic side of creating. Here is a preview of my drawing that will be in my final range that will be exhibited at my graduation exhibition "Twenty Seven" in Fitzroy, Melbourne