Aug 28, 2011

Pope Joan

Pope Joan in East Brunswick
is my local cafe, really cute, great coffee and food, 
and super nice staff.

For a studio project i had to choose a location 
and document it through illustrations.
I spend most of my time at pope joan so 
this was a great location for me to enjoy
and document it at the same time...
all Illustrations had to have some sort of 
textile element.

Aug 22, 2011


Sunsets of summer,
heres a collection of sunset photos I've taken over the last few summers.
summer is on its way and i cant wait for the beautiful,
warm afternoon sunsets by the beach.
D-bar on the Gold Coast 
South West rocks
Hastings Point, My family backyard
South West rocks
Casuarina, North Coast
Blues and Roots festival, Byron Bay

Aug 18, 2011

Aug 15, 2011

Aug 7, 2011

Romance was Born

Over my mid semester break i was extremely
lucky to do work placement at romance was born.
Their Studio is positioned above Oxford street, close to some really cool cafes, bars and shops in Sydney.
The studio was filled with hand-made one off costumes, head pieces,
beautiful samples and amazing fabrics, it was a dream come true.
Anna and luke are the most beautiful, down to earth friendly people,
I'm a big fan of there work so being able to work
with them was amazing!

Romance was born is known for their amazing knitted garments,
as my major at uni is knitting, i hoping i would get the chance to knit something for them. I was so excited when i found out they had a knit machine and that they would like me to work on a one off piece for them. It was so great to see how a creative studio works
and to have an amazing experience like i did.

Developing the knitted jumper

The finished knitted jumper

Nicholas Building studio's

Alia's studio space,
in the Nicholas building,
is a pocket full of colourful treasures!
a shared space with other like minded

the most Amazing view!

Aug 3, 2011

Melbourne Design Market

The Melbourne design market
this year was really beautiful, such a mix of things.
everything from amazing hanging plants
to knitting kits and note books for $1.
Textile design girls had a really creative
beautiful stall, which was all hand-made with love.
Products for sale ran across all disciplines
knitters, weavers and printers.

Some of the others stall holders had great displays