Sep 29, 2011

Sep 25, 2011


This self portraiture collection is one of my many photography projects that i have been working on for my photography class...This photo of a feather set the theme for my 
self-portraiture and so the collection 'freedom' began.

Sep 12, 2011

RAW URBAN NATURE for girls who skate

So I'm in my 3rd & final year of Textile Design,
I have 6 weeks left so I'm working on my major project that will exhibited at my grad show.
This project is completely self directed, so I have tailored it to the market i want to work in when i finish. I have always had a love for street wear, growing up on the coast, now living the city life in Melbourne and a very keen snowboarder, I'm particularly interested in snow, skate and surf wear and would love to work for a company in this area...fingers crossed!

This collection of designs is for girls who skate

Sep 5, 2011

Illuminate, knitted lights

Illuminate is a concept pieces in the form of a knitted light.
Made from a combination of foil yarn, jelly-cord, fine wire and glow yarn using manual machine knitting and hand crochet. This piece has a battery powered light source at the top to illuminate the light by night and when the light is off it emits light by glowing. The inspiration behind this piece was bioluminescent, which is the production and emission of light by a living organism.