Oct 26, 2011

Laura Dougherty - Textile Designer

In the next few weeks i will be posting about my very creative and talented house mates.... 
The first to grace this space is Laura Dougherty

Laura is currently studying Textile Design at RMIT, she majors in weaving and is extremely good at what she does...here is her latest project  

Roaming Free 

"Interiors autumn/winter 2012 brings to life Roaming Free, a collection that celebrates easy elegance in your home. Inspired by floral motifs found on antique china. The woven range looks deep into floral structures to find geometric motifs of diamonds, squares and organic natural lines. An indigo and white colour palette recreates the freshness of blue and white china, accents of red compliment deep inky indigo tones and shades of grey add winter warmth."