Jul 21, 2011


JOCALE Jewellery exhibition

Opening night at the C3 gallery at
the Abbotsford convent was a big
success. 5 Monash graduates showed what they
have been working on since finishing studying,
all completely different styles with one thing in

Maggie Thorssell
Deirdre Hoban
Regina Middleton
Femi Coppi
Jill Hermans

Exhibition runs from 20th july to 7th august
gallery open wed to sun 10am to 5pm

Deirdre Hoban

Jill Hermans

Maggie Thorssell

"As a child simple things become jewels; pebbles,
shells, a feather. They are treasures worth
collecting, contemplating or threading on a string.
The careful handling, and/or play of such objects,
creates not only a deeper understanding, but also
an infinite connection between memory and the
place from which the object came. My work
explores this connection by referencing tiny
objects loaded with meaning. These playful and
evocative creations are the imaginative conclusions
that have trickled out of my studio (once cubby
house) nestled in the hills surrounding the Bega
Valley. They are a place to invest memory, while
simultaneously, invite us to wear, handle and warm
them to life."